Metal forming, is the metalworking process of fashioning metal parts and objects through mechanical deformation; The work piece is reshaped without adding or removing material, and its mass remains unchanged. CSMFG is an American owned company with experience in sheet metal forming since 2003. Our companies roll forming process begins by passing a long strip of coiled metal sheet through a series of incremental bends until a final cross-section profile is achieved. Besides, our team of roll forming experts can apply further improvements.

Roll forming

Roll forming is ideal for economically producing high volumes of close tolerance parts with a wide range of geometries. Our roll forming process makes metals into hardened states so that lower labor costs can be reached.

Advantages of roll forming

  • Replace higher cost plastics and extruded parts
  • Reduce waste, secondary operations and labor costs
  • Compatible with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Fabricate finished or painted parts
  • Broad range of geometric opportunities

Roll forming capability

Roll forming machines are available that produce shapes of different sizes and material thicknesses using the same rolls. Variations in size are achieved by making the distances between the rolls variable by manual adjustment or computerized controls, allowing for rapid changeover. And, Tolerances can typically be held within ±0.015 inches (0.38 mm) for the width of the cross-sectional form, and ±0.060 inches (1.5 mm) for its depth.

We use different kind of forming to achieve the most cost effective solution for our customer

Compressive forming

  • Extrusion – where the material is pushed through an orifice
  • Die forming – where the material is stamped by a press around or onto a die
  • Forging – where the material is shaped by localized compressive forces
  • Intending – where a tool is pressed into the work piece

Tensile forming

  • Stretching – where a tensile load is applied along the longitudinal axis of the work piece
  • Expanding – where the circumference of a hollow body is increased by tangential loading
  • Recessing – where depressions and holes are formed through tensile loadinga

Combined Tensile and Compressive forming

  • Pulling through a die, deep drawing, spinning, flange forming, upset bulging, roll forming

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Yes. Our legally binding terms of service assign the ownership of intellectual property (IP) from the designer to the service buyer for any paid designs.

Do you offer manufacturing services?

Yes we do! We offer a range of  manufacturing services, including 3D printing, rapid manufacturing and conventional injection molding.

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Design projects are limited-term projects with a concrete budget, based on an upfront quote from the CAD designer. Hourly services are for ongoing work that generally have an open work scope.

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