Be a Leader, Not a Boss & Live Your Dream!

Written by X-PRO

February 15, 2021

Be a Leader, Not a Boss & Live Your Dream!

Almost all of us at least once in our lives imagined being  a boss and having a group of people working for us and obeying our orders! But then at first when you become the one who is listening the orders from a boss you realize that you can’t be one of them, you can’t be one of those who will listen all those orders -DO THIS-DO THAT, while most of the time having absolutely no idea why are you doing the things you are told to do. Why are you sitting in your office from 9-5 every day doing something you  are good at, but without any hope of achieving your own dreams. Why are you listening to the guy who wants to be a boss but doesn’t want to be a LEADER, the guy who is not thinking out of the box. And then all of  a sudden you realize that the meaning of your life is to LIVE YOUR DREAM and not to waste your potential on someone else’s. You realize that you need to WORK ON IT, because nobody else will!

Day by day i have been following that rule. I decided not to work on someone else’s dreams but instead on making my own come true – I created X-PRO. The thing is that when you are working on materializing your own dream you don’t have a problem to work 12, 14 or even 18 hours a day just to make that dream a reality. To make people follow you as a inspirational figure, as a LEADER rather than a boss!

First thing first, of the utmost importance is that those people are your friends, that those are the people who you will go on a couple of drinks after successfully finishing a project. That people mustn’t feel intimidated by you just because you are their boss. The best way to achieve this is simply by instead of being their boss you should be their LEADER. When I say leader, it goes without saying that you should not be a self-proclaimed one but one perceived as such by his subordinates. You need to take part in every single project they are working on, they need to know that you are ready to provide them with any kind of help anytime. Even to be ready to take over some project if they can’t finish them on time, especially when the reason behind this are some personal matters.

I am quite sure that while you are reading this you are getting the feeling that this is not possible, right? But of course that it is! This is the modus operandi of  X-PRO! I personally know all the names of my employees and all the projects every and each of my employees is working on, and I am ready to jump in whenever they need help. As the greatest reward I have gotten their trust! They believe that I will find new clients, new projects to work on and to earn money.

Right now you could be wondering what’s the difference, aren’t those people working on my dreams now as I used to work on other people’s before. There is only one answer to this question – absolutely NOT! X-PRO is offering them to bring their own ideas to life, to create patents and make their own dreams a reality! On each of these projects X-PRO is working like a team, with me as their leader to make sure those dreams come true.

As a leader you need to work more than people in your team, you have to guide your employees through the process. You have to be ready to learn, to accept criticism and appreciate it because working on yourself is the only way of improving yourself!

Maybe the most important characteristic of a leader is the fact that he is motivating his team. While working on their projects people have their own ups and downs,  and while this is happening bosses are more likely to intimidate into action while leaders will motivate to action!

Be a leader, not a boss!

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